Getting value out of video analytics

Many organisations use video analytics solutions like iCetana to improve their operations. Read on to find out how leading organisations get the most from their investment in video surveillance.

Canadian media coverage – iCetana at Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University’s advanced iCetana powered security setup has been featured on Canadian television news.

Mount Royal University first anywhere in Canada to adopt iCetana black screen, artificial intelligence security monitoring

(Calgary) —Mount Royal University’s network of security cameras has been replaced with high-resolution cameras integrated with artificial intelligence technology that makes it easier to see problems in real time and better protect students, faculty, staff and visitors.

The business case for iCetana

Even though iCetana is cutting edge software, based on university research, clients buy iCetana because it has a strong business case, not because of the technology. What is the business case for iCetana? How does it help you manage cost and risk? Read on to find out more.

Ethical AI

AI capabilities have advanced greatly in the last few years. Now it is quite common to use AI in consumer products and industry. For example, AI assesses bank loans. Also, smartphones use AI applications. We now take for granted some uses of AI such as predictive text on a smartphone. As more of our world uses AI, what responsibilities do … Read More

Computer vision innovation

iCetana has been in business since 2010 and is a world leader in computer vision. iCetana is a practical solution that delivers results around the globe. It can handle an unmatched number of cameras per server. Also, it scales to hundreds or thousands of cameras. This product originally came out of a university research project. iCetana is continuing to innovate … Read More

iCetana Partner Program

Clients all over the world use iCetana to monitor their camera networks. How does iCetana engage with potential clients and help them use our product? The answer is that iCetana works with our trusted Partners to connect us with end users. Read on to find out more about our Partners, and how we work together.

See iCetana at ISC West 2019

iCetana will be attending ISC West 2019.

Applications for iCetana

iCetana’s patented technology finds unusual events in camera feeds. This software isn’t restricted to one camera feed. In fact, it works with hundreds or thousands of cameras. How does iCetana work? How can your organisation benefit from iCetana? Read on to find out more.

How to unlock the value in large-scale surveillance systems

As Head of Security, you may have been in a situation where your company’s board members and chief executives raise security as their top concern. At the same time, they push you to cut costs as you go.

Three critical steps to protect an organisation’s safety reputation

We find a huge influx of people in commercial hubs and retail districts, transport centres, and education campuses. On top of having ready access to a range of services, people flock to these hubs expecting more than convenience; they expect safety and security to be a given.

Analysis: The shift of the security industry to real-time action

In some ways, the more traditional model of site security has become a victim of its own success. In this model, security operators monitor camera feeds across a site like a shopping mall or a concert venue.

The hidden cost of overlooking security incidents

With all the recent media interest in online security breaches, you might think that these are virtually the only types of criminal activity most businesses are facing. But you’d be very, very wrong.

If AI is here, it should do the right thing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most fascinating aspects of sci-fi movies. Many times, AI has been represented as a normal part of society in the form of physical robots, smart computers or even software forms.

Can we trust AI?

AI is becoming increasingly powerful, and capable. It is now being used to perform tasks that were only entrusted to people, such as driving cars or diagnosing breast cancer. Can we trust AI in critical decision making?

AI assisted video monitoring: What it is, how it’s different, and what it brings to the table

Large retail stores. Shopping malls. College campuses. Transportation hubs. These are all dynamic environments with hundreds of people walking among them. Even on a good day, these are complex sites to monitor.

University improving situational awareness

After investing in a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, Swinburne University of Technology wanted an efficient way to monitor their camera feeds. With hundreds of cameras, there is always more video data than the security team can easily review.

Increasing effectiveness of video surveillance

Curtin has made a significant investment in upgrading its security systems at its main Bentley campus. As part of this upgrade, iCetana installed advanced video analytics in Curtin’s 24×7 security operations facility.

Evolving threat and risk landscape

Threat and Risk landscapes are changing and evolving faster than ever. This means that threats are presenting themselves in new forms, This increases risk to staff, customers and the public. Consequently, it’s not possible to predict what threats and risks are going to present themselves each day. Challenges In response to this changing landscape, the use of video camera systems … Read More

Large scale retail surveillance

iCetana delivers high profile retail surveillance solution across the Middle-East As a fast-growing business, Majid Al Futtaim recognised the challenges of managing large camera networks and risks across multiple sites and countries. These challenges had to be addressed.