iCetana – automatic video monitoring

Product overview

iCetana is software that identifies unusual events in video data in real time, even in very large camera networks. iCetana is used around the world in shopping malls, campuses, public transport and manufacturing plants.

Without iCetana, it is easy to miss important events when there are a large number of cameras. However, iCetana only shows unusual activity on LiveWall™, highlighting the 1%-2% of events that need attention.

iCetana uses computer vision and machine learning to learn normal activity patterns. This means that it can highlight abnormal events as they occur. Also, as camera scenes change over time, the system continuously learns and adapts.

iCetana uses your servers and GPUs efficiently, and can scale to monitor thousands of cameras.
Proven advanced AI technology
iCetana uses a unique, patented proprietary algorithm that learns over time.
Easy integration
Easy integration Works with your existing video infrastructure and integrates with popular VMS
Adaptable and intelligent
Unlike inflexible rules based systems, iCetana automatically learns what is normal.
Protects privacy
iCetana does not rely on ineffective and intrusive face detection, or racial profiling.
Empowers your security team
iCetana lets your team cut through the clutter and focus on assessing abnormal events.
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iCetana LiveWall™ in action

Key verticals

iCetana helps to protect people and assets across multiple industries.

Unusual events, especially high impact events, are often missed by a rules-based system. Also, face or object detection solutions will not usually identify these events either. iCetana automatically learns what is normal for your site and highlights abnormal situations for a response by your team.

iCetana can also identify precursor events such as preparation for a crime. This may allow timely prevention.

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