iCetana – AI video analytics for automatic real time critical event detection

Product overview

Video surveillance problems

  • Too many video feeds to monitor in real time – operators are overwhelmed
  • Review of video is too time consuming
  • Critical events are missed – impacting costs and your business reputation

iCetana’s solution

  • AI powered real time critical event detection
  • LiveWallâ„¢ only shows unusual events – focused attention
  • Integrates with Milestone and other VMS, or runs standalone
  • Quickly review saved video

iCetana results

  • 99% reduction in video overload
  • 60X more cameras monitored per operator
  • Review 24 hours of video in 30 minutes
  • 100% real time proactive monitoring – gain visibility of precursor events
iCetana uses your servers and GPUs efficiently, and can scale to monitor thousands of cameras.
Proven advanced AI technology
iCetana uses a unique, patented proprietary algorithm that learns over time.
Easy integration
Easy integration Works with your existing video infrastructure and integrates with popular VMS
Adaptable and intelligent
Unlike inflexible rules based systems, iCetana automatically learns what is normal.
Protects privacy
iCetana does not rely on ineffective and intrusive face detection, or racial profiling.
Empowers your security team
iCetana lets your team cut through the clutter and focus on assessing abnormal events.
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Blog articles

iCetana Partners – Japan

Tarique Weerasekera (APAC Business Development Executive) recently represented iCetana at the Startupbootcamp in Osaka. iCetana was one of 3000+ startups that were shortlisted to 21 to attend a week in Osaka. After competing with 21 Startups from 9 countries, iCetana was chosen by Hankyu Hanshin Holding Group (USD$7B Co.) along with Sakura Internet to form a partnership in Japan. We … Read More

Case Study – Video surveillance in prisons

iCetana recently completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a minimum security Prison. For the purpose of this PoC, we installed iCetana on 32 cameras. The PoC ran for a total of 6 weeks. The first 14 days was used to learn the normal events and activities on these cameras within the prison. This established a baseline of normal activity ... Read More

Making a business case for video analytics

Before investing in video analytics solutions like iCetana, the first question is how the spend can be justified. Usually someone tries to calculate the ROI of the investment. This posting shows why this is the wrong approach, and how the most senior executives invest in technology and drive value from it. In a factory with repeatable processes, it is fairly ... Read More

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