Expecting the unexpected

"What iCetana does differently is that it detects a wide variety of events without needing us to predict the type of event or program for them. We feel better equipped than ever to meet evolving security and operational challenges. It’s transformed our approach to surveillance."

Real-time at scale

"We have a really large surveillance infrastructure that needed a system that could cope with highlighting events across over 1000 cameras in real-time. Being able to equip our organisation with this real-time capability at scale has been critical."

Significantly reduced our risk profile

"Since adding the iCetana system to our existing CCTV network it has enabled us to focus on identifying, preventing and managing risks related to incidents. The mindset of our security control room team and the way they use CCTV has shifted from completely reactive to proactive."

We’ve created a safer place

"Since implementing the iCetana system we have identified many safety and security events that were previously going undetected. We have been able to learn from these and be proactive in improving our safety, security and operations."

We can fulfill our duty of care

"In the first 10 weeks of deploying iCetana in our shopping Mall we experienced a massive increase in the number of events we actioned - over 60 incidents a week. This means constantly improving the security and safety standards for our shoppers and visitors."

Better role assignment

"By actually being able to identify and respond to incidents as they are happening we can now deploy our security personnel efficiently. We have reduced our manned guarding budget by 5% and focused on access control and restricted areas providing more purposeful employment and providing increased safety for our patrons."

The efficiencies just make sense!

"From an investment of just 10-15% of our overall video surveillance infrastructure costs we achieved a 100% increase in utility gain from our video surveillance infrastructure. This came from the up swing in the number of unusual events we now see in real-time. You just can’t ignore efficiency improvements like that."