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Top 4 Ways icetana is Redefining Guarding Services – Part 4

In Part 3, the way our guarding services clients reduced their in-field guards by an average of 1 guard per 100 surveillance cameras added to icetana was covered.

The final part of our series will talk about how icetana can improve guarding monitoring performance through the use of a black-screen reporting system.

4. Improved Monitoring Response

Operator fatigue is greatly minimised with icetana, as it removes over 97% of the video stream by filtering routine and repetitive motion and only displaying outlier events to control room staff.

Studies have shown that “After 12 minutes of continuous video monitoring an operator will often miss up to 45% of screen activity, after 22 minutes of viewing, up to 95% is overlooked.”  – Ainsworth, Buyer Beware, in Security Oz, vol. 19, pp. 18-26, (2002)

icetana uses a black-screen reporting system to draw operator attention to events of interest with less than 3% of surveilled time reported (compared to over 60% with movement detection).

The icetana system creates a model based on the most recent 2 weeks of movement in front of each individual camera and uses this learned model to report on anomalous and unusual movement in real-time. It is a bit like motion detection on steroids – we like to call it motion intelligence.

Improved financial and operational performance doesn’t just end with employees.

Reduced network bandwidth costs is another benefit of icetana, as the server is hosted locally on the site, with only the anomalies sent to a physically distant monitored control room.  A distributed approach to video monitoring activities such as this can result in both increased responsiveness and substantially reduced network bandwidth costs.



By investing in icetana’s cost effective, intelligent video analytics software a range of positive impacts can be experienced by guarding services companies, your end customers and your employees.

These benefits give guarding service companies the opportunity to add value to a standard guarding services package and to win more work by reducing the cost base of operations whilst lifting responsiveness and performance.

icetana has been helping security teams maximise their real-time camera coverage for more than 10 years with its AI-assisted motion intelligence solution designed to automatically identify anomalous actions.

If you think icetana might work for you, we’d love to hear from you.  Click here to contact us.

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