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Top 4 Ways icetana is Redefining Guarding Services – Part 3

In yesterday’s article, I described how icetana can increase response speed by processing and providing footage to operators in real-time, unlike other video analytics companies.

In Part 3, I will explain how icetana has helped our guarding services customers reduce on site risk during the pandemic.

3. Reduced on Site Risk

Implementing social distancing rules in control rooms and keeping guards safe has been challenging to implement during COVID.

Camera’s don’t catch COVID and your (or your client’s) surveillance network can operate like a wide ranging series of guarding stations if the footage you see in the control room is relevant and timely.  Reducing guards in the field reduces the risk of infection and cameras can not only supplant but also replace some of that in-field commitment.

Guarding services clients of icetana have looked to reduce their in-field guards by an average of 1 guard per 100 surveillance cameras added to icetana.  Within the control room a single dedicated operator can comfortably monitor over 400 cameras in real-time with icetana fully configured.  As a part-time resource allocation around 150-200 cameras/operator is a typical ratio in some of our smaller control room operations.

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