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Top 4 Ways icetana is Redefining Guarding Services – Part 2

In Part 1, we  described how icetana enables the reduction of massive volumes of real-time video footage to the top 2% which means security guards only need to focus on what matters and ensures the hours worked are more productive. 

In Part 2, we will cover how guarding services can transform security operations by increasing response speed.

2. Improved Response Speed

icetana’s ability to process and provide footage to operators in real-time enables precursor event identification with specific use-case rules which is unlike other video analytics companies.

To put it simply, it enables security teams to respond to an event before the alarm goes off.

Most surveillance networks right now are like giant recording systems, they are seldom monitored in real-time. Other security offerings are based on user-defined rules to find specific events leaving unforeseen events outside the rules based equations.

icetana transforms surveillance networks into real-time environments.

“After an extensive period of testing icetana in the Japanese market, we found it extremely useful in complementing our guarding services offering.  In particular icetana’s auto-learning function unleashes clients from complex decision making requirements for security rules setting.  This removes the ‘defining-evaluating-adaptation’ process required for alternative rules-based AI products and allows the security function to focus on the complex risks that exist in a real world environment. icetana’s ability to detect a broad range of unusual activities in real-time means that Zennikkei is able to provide a highly responsive combined CCTV monitoring and guarding offering to our corporate customers” – Tatsuro Yamazaki, R & D Senior Manager, Zennikkei Co. Ltd.

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