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Top 4 Ways icetana is Redefining Guarding Services – Part 1

A recent spike in commercial burglaries and vandalism has been seen globally, as a result of rising unemployment rates and businesses becoming easy targets when they have been forced to close their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted in an increased demand for guarding services, who patrol and monitor commercial and residential properties against fire, theft, vandalism and illegal activity. To keep up with demand, many guarding services companies have worked with their clients at expanding their camera networks or increasing the number of camera feeds into their centralised security operations centres.

The huge number of video feeds are overwhelming operators who cannot possibly be expected to respond to events happening right in front of the cameras in real-time.  This is leading to critical events being missed despite being within the surveilled area, increased risk to life and property, reduced safety and security for clients and these outcomes are directly impacting costs and the business reputation of both the client and the guarding services provider.

The ability of security guards to maintain situational awareness, respond to events before they escalate and retain control over security, operations and occupational health and safety is becoming increasingly harder to achieve with the dynamic and developing COVID environment.

What solutions exist to overcome these challenges?

We believe one important solution lies with combining security guards with AI-powered video analytics – we call our approach ‘motion intelligence’.

When motion detection meets AI and is combined with the human intelligence of operators, the security efficiencies and response time improvements are extremely positive.  

Our motion intelligence solution presents interesting events to security operators who (in turn)  interpret the complex information in the camera scene to make real-time judgements and determine the right course of action in the circumstances.  Precursor events, events that are escalating, events that cannot be found with rules based analytics are all detected in real-time and the results for guarding services operations are unparalleled.

Read on to learn about the top 4 ways icetana is positively impacting the guarding services industry through the use of AI-assisted motion intelligence.

icetana livewall

1. Reduced Guarding Costs

Due to COVID and other factors, guarding services are required to operate within reduced budgets and are eager to find ways to keep their costs down and make the hours worked by guards more productive.

A major problem with traditional video surveillance is that review of video is too time consuming and the bulk of video is stored for review and not used for active monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a powerful tool to analyse large swathes of data, evaluate routine and repetitive motion, and compensate for human deficiencies such as operator fatigue.

Through analysing video streams, mapping pixel movement into datasets and using proprietary algorithms to analyse these data sets, icetana is able to create a model of normal movement, with only unusual events triggering an alert which is immediately displayed to control room staff.

This enables the reduction of massive volumes of real-time video footage to the top 2% which means security guards only need to focus on what matters and ensures the hours worked are more productive. 

The icetana LiveWall only shows unusual events to control room operators and enables focused attention.  Typical actively monitoring security operations rooms have up to 60 cameras assigned for each operator.  At icetana clients this ratio is lifted to over 250 cameras per operator leading to less crowded security operations centres (COVID safe) and increased productivity from those who are manning these centres.

With the same number of operators able to monitor more screens, guarding services companies have the opportunity to take on more clients and improve their Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

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