The business case for iCetana

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Even though iCetana is cutting edge software, based on university research, clients buy iCetana because it has a strong business case, not because of the technology. What is the business case for iCetana? How does it help you manage cost and risk?

Read on to find out more.

What does iCetana do?

Firstly, it is important to understand what iCetana does and doesn’t do. It doesn’t apply pre-canned rules or provide an electronic trip wire. iCetana isn’t a motion sensor. It doesn’t look at faces, race or gender. However, what it does is see unusual motion. “Unusual” means unusual for the time of day, the day of the week or for that particular camera.

For example, if two people suddenly run across the mall, this is unusual. Therefore, iCetana detects it and shows the footage.

Since iCetana only shows unusual motion, operators no longer have to page through routine footage. This reduces the amount of video for review by 99%. The 1% that iCetana displays contains “unusual” video. The operator can easily review and assess this footage and take action if necessary.

How does iCetana manage risk?

Where does risk come from? It is an outcome of uncertainty. You will know many sources of reported risk. This, therefore, allows you to take steps to reduce the degree of uncertainty and the loss.

However, staff won’t report every near miss. If you don’t know about these incidents, you can’t manage the risks. You will become aware only when there has been a large loss. At this point, it is too late to prevent the loss.

“Small” unknown risks can still result in costly impacts.

The most severe risks are unexpected. These risks may have been invisible “near misses” before. They may be events outside of the ordinary that you never planned for.

These risks can have significant impacts on the organisation, and careers. “Black swan” risk events may result in injuries or death, lasting damage to reputation and lawsuits or prison time. After the fact, the question is “Why didn’t you anticipate this?”. At that point, there are no excuses and it is too late. A major event may cost tens of millions of dollars in lost shareholder’s equity, lawsuits and damages.

iCetana is a risk management tool. It makes risks visible. Once you can see a risk, you can manage it. iCetana identifies any abnormal behaviour or activity.

iCetana identifies incidents that are covered up or not reported. This allows you to better understand your risk environment and take action. When a critical event occurs. your operators know about it immediately. As a result, critical events are visible rather than being hidden in thousands of video feeds like a needle in a haystack. They will see it and can assess the situation and take action.

How does iCetana help manage costs?

Cost management is top of everyone’s agenda. Every manager wants to reduce costs and get more for every dollar spent.

Cost is the result of waste. Waste is any activity that doesn’t add value to your site. In other words, waste is any activity that doesn’t produce useful results for your stakeholders.

iCetana’s business value comes from letting you see unusual activity that results in waste. Once you see this, you can take corrective action.

iCetana is not a tool to reduce the number of operators. Instead, iCetana empowers your team and increases their effectiveness. They can quickly respond to issues. As they gain visibility of problems, they can do root cause analysis and reduce impacts.

Cost management use cases

Costs could come from criminal activity such as theft, graffiti or vandalism. According to the US Small Business Administration, each vandalism incident costs about $3,370. Also, it diminishes the appearance of your site, impacting on your sales. You can’t easily measure this cost. But think of the appearance of a business covered in graffiti and how you feel about doing business there.

iCetana can identify both precursor events and crimes in progress. Security operators often miss these events because they have to manage feeds from hundreds of cameras.

Employee thefts are costly and iCetana can detect these thefts. Actually, organisations do not detect the majority of employee theft. These thefts may involve tens of thousands of dollars over a period of time. In fact, employee theft costs between $20 and $40 billion per annum in the US. This is more than $400 for each person working. Employee theft is responsible for one-third of business bankruptcies.

iCetana clients have used our software to uncover employee theft rings of valuable parts.

Criminal activity is not the only source of waste. Process breaches are also expensive. These can slow down production, cause defects or result in safety incidents.

Safety incidents are expensive in two ways. Firstly there are medical costs, litigation and disruption. Secondly, there is the human costs – harm to people and the company’s reputation. iCetana can detect breaches that result in safety incidents and safety breaches. This means that you can step in to correct the breach before more damage is done. Again, iCetana is already helping in warehouses and factories.

In conclusion

iCetana is a video analytics tool that is designed around your operators. It helps them see critical issues. This helps them to respond, which reduces risks, and therefore costs.

Please contact us to find out more about how iCetana can help your site.