iCetana case studies highlight how the software has been successfully deployed across a range of industries.

Our white papers discuss topics related to iCetana and security.

Datasheets explain key technical details of the product, including specifications, camera view requirements and how iCetana offers a proof of concept that allows your organisation to evaluate iCetana working on a subset of your camera network.

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Case studies

    White papers

      Data sheets

      The following data sheets explain key details of the iCetana product. Click on the image below to see the full downloadable sheet.


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      Computer vision innovation

      iCetana has been in business since 2010 and is a world leader in computer vision. iCetana is a practical solution that delivers results around the globe. It can handle an unmatched number of cameras per server. Also, it scales to hundred...

      iCetana Partners

      iCetana Partner Program

      Clients all over the world use iCetana to monitor their camera networks. How does iCetana engage with potential clients and help them use our product? The answer is that iCetana works with our trusted Partners to connect us with end...

      2019-03-17Blog, ,

      Can we trust AI?

      AI is becoming increasingly powerful, and capable. It is now being used to perform tasks that were only entrusted to people, such as driving cars or diagnosing breast cancer. Can we trust AI in critical decision making?...

      Swinburne University

      University improving situational awareness

      After investing in a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, Swinburne University of Technology wanted an efficient way to monitor their camera feeds. With hundreds of cameras, there is always more video data than the security team...


      Evolving threat and risk landscape

      Threat and Risk landscapes are changing and evolving faster than ever. This means that threats are presenting themselves in new forms, This increases risk to staff, customers and the public. Consequently, it’s not possible to predict w...