At iCetana, we understand risk, and that threats facing large organisations and installations are constantly evolving. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to determine what these threat vectors may look like on any given day and that is why we believe it’s a shortcoming of modern technology that uses rules-based inputs to look for pre-determined behaviours and relies heavily on constant monitoring by human eyes. We have designed iCetana to see through the chaos and identify events first, empowering your operators to see things differently.

iCetana’s AI-assisted video monitoring solution is deployed on large scale surveillance networks and analyses what ‘normal’ is across each camera scene, looking for the ‘abnormal’; alerting operators before an undesirable event potentially escalates.  The software displays only these anomalous events to operators in real-time, preventing monitoring fatigue and boredom while significantly increasing engagement. Designed to scale to thousands of cameras in one installation, our system future proofs the use of the existing video surveillance infrastructure, heavily increasing the ROI on this investment by turning the network from a post-event, forensic tool, into a pro-active, risk-mitigating commercial asset.

Beyond security, iCetana also presents further value in the health and safety and operational compliance space, alerting organisations to potential breaches and hazards, enabling organisations to leverage surveillance systems in their approach to potential health and safety and operational incidents. In one recent installation, iCetana identified over 140 incidents in just one week, including a potentially fatal, near-miss incident, where the organisation was able to intervene, prompting changes to standard operating procedures and compliance measures, that simply wouldn’t have been possible without iCetana.

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