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Monitoring capability of iCetana

Did You Know…
One person can monitor over 600 camera feeds.

Without iCetana your operator can only monitor a maximum of approximately 16 camera feeds at any given time.

16 camera feeds








With iCetana your operator now has the ability to monitor approximately 600 cameras.  That’s a 3750% rise in monitoring capability, improving operator engagement and efficiency.

600 Camera feeds

In addition to this we have also seen the implementation of Artificial Intelligence based video monitoring has enabled our retail clients to monitor up 1200 video feeds per operator!  Moreover, these operators are detecting more events than previously and are able to more precisely direct security and operational staff when and where they are needed.

This means that a pair of operators with two workstations have been able to do the job previously requiring a room full of personnel and computers, thereby dramatically improving control room efficiency.

To find out how iCetana can transform your Security Operations, request a consultation with one of our team here or send us an email on 

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