Complex environments with multiple buildings and a large perimeter, vehicles and mass transport, highly secure areas and a mix of staff, students and public. iCetana can assist organisations provide a safe and secure campus for their staff and student population and protect their assets 24/7.  

Public Spaces and Smart Cities

Large scale, dispersed areas of surveillance coverage, crowded public spaces and public infrastructure. iCetana can assist organisations to secure crowded areas, manage the unpredictability of large public spaces and secure smart city initiatives.


Distributed transit stops and stations, payment and ticketing facilities, maintenance facilities and operations centers. iCetana can assist organisations prevent damage and vandalism to geographically diverse assets and maintain the safety of the traveling public.

Shopping Malls

Large shopping facilities and retail precincts, parking areas, transport stops and operational facilities. iCetana can assist organisations to manage public risk whilst ensuring a positive and safe shopping experience.


Geographically dispersed manned and unmanned equipment and operations, critical infrastructure such as power plants and water utilities. iCetana can assist organisations protect their critical infrastructure against a range of threats including detecting precursor activities before they escalate.