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Shopping malls


Retail environments are often large public spaces with different areas inside and out. Owners are looking to balance the desire to provide a warm and welcoming experience for customers, with the need to ensure a safe and  secure environment for the public and staff. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, the icetana solution learns and filters out routine motion, showing only anomalous or unusual behaviour allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond in real-time to both precursor activities and incidents.

Increasingly staff and customers are also concerned about the privacy and potential misuse of surveillance data. The icetana solution uses the underlying pixel and motion flow of every scene meaning that personal characteristics such as race, gender, or ethnicity play no part in the underlying analysis.

icetana allows operators to be alerted to potential issues in real-time helping mitigate potential physical and reputational risks to the institution. The solution has been implemented at over 35 sites on four continents, helping clients harness the rich data streams from their existing security networks and turning that data into improved situational awareness and deeper operational insights.

Key Challenges in a Retail Environment

Lack of monitoring due to budget constraints / lack of staffCritical events are missed
Lack of response results in cameras being ignored, magnifying the number of security incidents
Security team has too many cameras to look atCritical events are missed
Operators can be overloaded and therefore be unable to work effectively
Cameras in controlled areas are triggered by routine events (birds etc.)Cameras end up being ignored
Critical events may end up being missed
Attention is diverted away from important events
Too much video to review historical footageProductivity impact as staff must be taken off other work to search through footage (time consuming and costly)
Lack of situational awareness, despite extensive camera networksUnable to deploy security staff to problem spots in time.
Cameras may be obscured or tampered withLoss of record of area of surveillance
Precursor indication of potential event

icetana Use Cases

Violence / gang activityAttacks on shoppers or staff, or gang related activity seriously impact on reputation and shopper traffic.
Tenants may be unwilling to renew leases in a high crime environment if staff safety cannot be guaranteed.
VandalismDamage to property and clean-up and rectification costs. This detracts from the appearance of the facility and perceptions of reputation.
Health, Safety and Environment issuesAs well as the human cost of injury or death, there is also a financial cost from lost time, insurance surcharges and legal costs and penalties.
Vehicle securityShoppers may be attacked on return to their vehicles. Vehicle break-ins damage the reputation of the mall.
Fires / water damageFires or water damage from leaks may result in substantial and costly plant damage, stock damage or shutdown of part of the retail space.
Fires can also result in a loss of life.
Camera tampering or camera obscuredLoss of footage. Potential precursor to event such as theft or sabotage.
Objects of interest entering secure facilityContractors arriving with ladders or equipment may leave items behind which interrupt production or cause a health and safety issue.
In secure facilities, sabotage or planting incendiary / explosive devices may be an issue.
Medical incidentsPerson may not get assistance in time, or not be noticed.

icetana Benefits

Improved utilisation of security personnel by allowing them to see events as they occur.

This is an efficiency benefit from adding icetana to your installation. For example, if there are 256 cameras and operators can only see 16 at any one time, and they cycle through, even if operators are 100% efficient, the chances are that a number of critical events will never be seen. Whilst it is tangible (can be measured), it does not result in a direct cost reduction

Reduced risks of damage to reputation.

Improved public safety

Identification of precursor events, allowing for timely intervention before situations escalate.

Learns and adapts automatically using patented technology - no rules to setup or maintain

Rapid review of historical video- 24 hours in 30 minutes

Easy integration with existing Milestone, Genetec or other video management systems

Reduced potential process breaches - this may reduce near misses, or help maintain your quality reputation.

Increased perception of security - for example, this may help to keep staff feeling safe at work.

Scales to suit size of video surveillance operation

Includes LiveWall - shows only events that need further investigation (1% of total video), reducing operator fatigue and missed events

Reporting system that allows thetagging of anomalies and the easy extraction of reports

Minimises server costs - supports up to 300 cameras per 1 RU server (density depends on camera resolution and frame rate)