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Manufacturing environments have constant movements of employees, work in progress and materials in regular and predictable patterns. Any deviation from these routines often signifies issues requiring immediate attention. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, the iCetana solution learns and filters out routine motion, showing only anomalous or unusual behaviour allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond in real-time to both precursor activities and incidents.

Manufacturing facilities also have specialised requirements to protect against health and safety incidents, process breaches and employee theft, and in this regard Video surveillance with analytics can play an important role as part of the suite of security tools used.

iCetana allows operators to be alerted to potential issues in real-time helping mitigate potential physical and reputational risks to the institution. The solution has been implemented at over 35 sites on four continents, helping clients harness the rich data streams from their existing security networks and turning that data into improved situational awareness and deeper operational insights.

Key Challenges in Manufacturing

Lack of monitoring due to budget constraints / lack of staffCritical events are missed
Lack of response results in employees ignoring cameras, which may encourage theft
Process monitoring team / security team has too many cameras to look atCritical events are missed
Operators can be overloaded and is unable to work effectively
Cameras in controlled areas are triggered by routine events (birds etc.)Cameras end up being ignored
Critical events may end up being missed
Attention is diverted away from important events
Too much video to review historical footageProductivity impact as staff must be taken off other work to search through footage (time consuming and costly)
Cameras may be obscured or tampered withLoss of record of area of surveillance
Precursor indictation of potential event

iCetana Use Cases

FightsAny altercations between prisoners or prisoners and Correctional Officers. This may include play fights that end up escalating into a serious conflict.Lack of response results in prisoners ignoring cameras
VandalismDamage to property.
Contraband concealmentHiding items, including placing them for other prisoners to pick up later.
Passing of items between prisonersTransfer of illegal items from one person to another.
ContrabandDrugs, weapons or phones, or any other forbidden items that are brought into the prison through a secure perimeter. This includes through visitors.
Perimeter breachesWhen a person or object (e.g. drone) goes through a secure perimeter (such as over a wall or fence) in any direction.
Camera tampering or camera obscuredLoss of footage. Potential precursor to event.
Objects of interest entering facilityContractors arriving with ladders or equipment may leave items behind. Loose hanging straps or ropes, maybe used for escape or self harm.
FiresEither accidental or deliberate fires in any area of the prison, or events that release smoke or visible gases.
Medical incidentsWhen a medical emergency occurs (such as someone collapsing or being injured). Medical incidents are one component of deaths in custody.
Suicide / self-harmPrisoners either in the general population or under special observation may either harm or kill themselves.
Prison cell break-inPrisoners breaking into other prisoner cells and stealing items.

iCetana Benefits

Improved utilisation of security personnel by allowing them to see events as they occur.

This is an efficiency benefit from adding iCetana to your installation. For example, if there are 256 cameras and operators can only see 16 at any one, and they cycle through, even if operators are 100% efficient, the chances are that a number of critical events will never be seen. Whilst it is tangible (can be measured), it does not result in a direct cost reduction

Reduced risks of damage to reputation.

Improved public safety

Identification of precursor events, allowing for timely intervention before situations escalate.

Learns and adapts automatically using patented technology – no rules to setup or maintain

Rapid review of historical video – 24 hours in 30 minutes

Easy integration with existing Milestone, Genetec or other video management systems

Reduced potential process breaches - this may reduce near misses, or help maintain your quality reputation.

Increased perception of security - for example, this may help to keep staff feeling safe at work.

Scalesto suit size of video surveillance operation

Includes LiveWall™ – shows only events that need further investigation (1% of total video), reducing operator fatigue and missed events

Reporting system that allows the tagging of anomalies and the easy extraction of reports

Minimises server costs – supports up to 300 cameras per 1 RU server (density depends on camera resolution and frame rate)