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Increasing effectiveness of video surveillance

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Curtin has made a significant investment in upgrading its security systems at its main Bentley campus. As part of this upgrade, iCetana installed advanced video analytics in Curtin’s 24×7 security operations facility.


Curtin University is the largest university in Western Australia, with over 47,000 students and 3,500 staff. Curtin has eight campuses in Australia and two international campuses.

The University commits to providing safety for students, staff and visitors. Because of that commitment, Curtin invested in upgrades of its security systems at its Bentley campus.

Security challenge

Curtin needed pro-active real-time event detection. Therefore, Curtin’s Properties, Facilities and Development team looked for innovative technology to automatically monitor their upgraded camera system. As part of this upgrade, Curtin installed iCetana in Curtin’s 24×7 security operations facility.


iCetana displays alerts on a 42” LCD panel, using its inbuilt A.I. When iCetana detects an incident, it captures the immediate attention of the security operator. As a result, iCetana has helped to improve engagement by the security monitoring team.

iCetana integrates with Curtin’s CCTV network and building access control systems. Also, iCetana streamlines the security team’s workflow.

iCetana has proven its value since being installed. iCetana highlights incidents in real-time even on cameras that an operator is not viewing at that time. Once alerted the operator can then review the specific camera and respond.


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