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iCetana with NetApp at ISC West in Las Vegas

Join iCetana with NetApp at ISC West in Las Vegas from March 17-20.


We’ll be there to showcase how we can automate real-time critical event detection using artificial intelligence video analytics for anomaly occurrences. Our scalable solution focuses the attention of your operators to the most important or unusual events occurring in your facilities at any given time, whether they are monitoring dozens or thousands of cameras. This enables your staff to identify potential threats to security, health and safety violations, Human Resources issues, business operations challenges or opportunities, and can provide business insights all with one powerful tool.

With our industry-leading artificial intelligence tool, you can achieve a 99% reduction in video overload. This is accomplished while still achieving 100% real time proactive monitoring which can provide your staff with the visibility of identifying precursors to events. With our comprehensive Milestone and Genetec integrations, our solution is ready to complement your VMS and turn your cameras into the most essential tool in your business.

Join us at booth #21099 to learn how iCetana can leverage the visual data in your surveillance system to become a powerhouse for your business, backed by NetApps rock-solid storage to meet your most intense workloads.

Schedule a meeting with Courtney, the US Sales Director here.

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