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icetana secures first US prison customers

icetana  is pleased to announce its first purchase orders for the US correctional services market, after two new 5 year client orders were confirmed with hardware vendor Rasilient Systems, Inc. to supply icetana’s video analytics solution to two prisons.

The orders are significant as they represent icetana’s first US prison customers and a geographic expansion of the correctional services vertical market sector beyond existing Australian based prison management clients.

The US prisons market is one of the largest in the world and the state authority is known as a leading operator in the US providing an excellent reference opportunity for both Rasilient and icetana.

This deployment represents a small subset of the total camera footprint of the state prisons operated by this end-customer, with the potential to extend coverage over time to additional sites with this customer and to other correctional services clients in the US.

icetana assisting prisons

CEO and Managing Director Matt Macfarlane said: “I am very pleased with the progress of this opportunity despite the challenging market conditions being experienced globally. This is a significant opportunity for icetana to demonstrate its full capabilities of our motion intelligence platform to a new geographic market and potentially expand into a larger subset of the customer prisons.”

The orders have a combined value of US$100,000 (AUD$137,000), inclusive of 5 years of support and maintenance. 

Find out more about icetana’s motion intelligence offering here and becoming an icetana investor here.