Cetana uses unique, patented technology to detect unusual activity in real time in large scale video surveillance networks without the limitations and maintenance overhead of rules based systems. iCetana learns and adapts over time without needing ongoing supervision.

iCetana works together with your current security staff to identify situations that need further investigation.

iCetana efficiently uses hardware resources, achieving unmatched camera coverage per server.

iCetana – ‘See Things Differently’ from iCetana on Vimeo.


Infinite scale
iCetana scales easily to thousands of cameras, even in distributed environments, giving you better insights across your entire business.
Easy integration
iCetana’s API enables seamless integration with other key technologies in your system. Triggering other technologies when anomalous events occur, unlocking enormous scale in your existing infrastructure.
Real-time action
Get full visibility of incidents with iCetana’s real-time incident display.
Actionable reports
Reporting allows your team to tag events and run reports to give insights into your security environment.
Live Wall™
LiveWall displays potentially actionable events in real time to let your team focus attention on what is important.
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iCetana’s rapid identification of actionable anomalies helps you see what matters. iCetana users enjoy these key benefits:

Streamlining security
Maximise benefits from your security investment. Empower your security personnel.
Enhancing OH&S
Identify near misses and hazardous behaviours before an accident occurs.
Optimising compliance
Get early visibility of process breaches.
Improving productivity
Remove production bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
Loss prevention
Reduce theft, stock shrinkage and property damage.
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iCetana is used at major sites around the world, across a range of industry verticals.

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