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iCetana Partner Program

Clients all over the world use iCetana to monitor their camera networks. How does iCetana engage with potential clients and help them use our product?

The answer is that iCetana works with our trusted Partners to connect us with end users. Read on to find out more about our Partners, and how we work together.

How does iCetana work with Partners?

Partners are a vital part of iCetana’s success. In fact, our Partners sell and support almost 100% of new iCetana licenses.

Therefore, iCetana’s sales focus is on helping our Partners. This means that our sales offices engage with Partners, then help support each Partner with each sale. We help with pre-sales support as well as with coordinating installations.

Our Partner Portal provides information and news for our Partners. These resources include sales brochures and co-branded collateral. Also, the Partner Portal has technical data on iCetana.

iCetana’s marketing team works to help support our Partners in their marketing campaigns and tenders.

What do Partners do?

Most Partners are VARs (Value Added Resellers). This means that they are solution providers. VARs sell bundled solutions of hardware, software and services to clients. iCetana Partners sell and support iCetana as part of their solutions.

For example, a VAR may be asked to install a camera system. They may propose to build a new network, select and supply cameras and servers. A partner will also include iCetana to help monitor the cameras.

Our Partners have existing relationships with end users. As a result, they understand each client’s business and their existing systems. They have already built up trust and rapport with the client.

Partners vary in size, from Fortune 50 companies to smaller firms. But all Partners work with iCetana to get the best result for their clients.

What do we look for in a Partner?

Since Partners represent iCetana, we want to work with the best possible Partners. We are quite particular about who can become a Partner.

Firstly, our Partners are established, successful businesses who have already built client relationships. We look for Partners who are ethical. Ethical partners are easier for clients to work with and align with our own approach.

Our Partners have sales and support processes in place. This means that they have a systematic and professional approach to business. As a result, every deal moves smoothly from sales to installation to post-sales support.

iCetana Partner VARs have good technical skills. They can install an entire solution. The Partners have Linux skills to install and configure iCetana. Also, they can solve problems quickly by using documented support processes.

Finally, we like to work with Partners who are energetic and excited about iCetana. These Partners will take the time to learn about iCetana, and can share this product knowledge with clients. They stay engaged with iCetana.

If this sounds like your company, and you are interested in partnering with iCetana please contact us.


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