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From the Desk of the CRO

It is overdue for me to introduce myself, and whilst I have met many of our partners, with the recent travel lockdown, I have not had the chance to meet as many of you as I would have liked. So, G’day from WA.

Although iCetana is a small  technology company based out of Western Australia, I am proud to say that we are installed at over 35 sites on four continents and as such we see some common themes and emerging trends in the security/surveillance industry, at least as it relates to video analytics.  I thought it might be helpful to share with you some personal observations on what we see as ‘the things that matter’ most to our clients at the moment.

Firstly an update on iCetana

Covid 19 aside, iCetana has enjoyed a positive start to the first quarter of 2020. We have had a number of new purchase orders from clients for our AI-powered video surveillance technology including;

  • multiple shopping centres in Australia, that house a number of essential service outlets
  • in the Middle East for an important piece of infrastructure (Port) and international financial center.
  • a first time order for a state-based police force that involves monitoring isolated communities for public safety; and
  • our first prison client

We have also launched our Genetec plug-in, and further details are available here , or speak to your local iCetana representative for more information.

We have seamlessly transitioned to ‘work from home’ for almost 3 weeks now.  Using online video conferencing tools, we’re able to stay in close contact and collaborate as required so business is continuing as usual. I hope to see you on a Zoom call soon!

Focusing on the “things that matter”

There is little doubt that the current Covid 19 virus has caused the deferral of some projects, though what is interesting to me is that for almost every decision delayed, we have had a new opportunity emerge. As the threat landscape changes, clients are looking at new and innovative ways to manage their surveillance investments. I can certainly see a common theme emerging in the recent requests we are seeing from clients and prospects. Our clients are telling us:

  • The need to more efficiently surveil large camera networks remains, but there is an immediate new “asset protection” challenge to address.
  • With the demand for social distancing clients are seeing the rapid movement of businesses, campuses and schools transitioning to a remote servicing model; large decreases in daily traffic are being adaptively trained as the “new normal” by iCetana’s software.. 
  • For those with significant public infrastructure previously protected by crowds of supportive citizens, these spaces have now become increasingly vulnerable to a range of threats (such as burglary, vandalism and property damage)
  • Security Operations Centres (SOC) are crucial infrastructure yet still require social distancing between operators, iCetana software allows many more cameras to be actively monitored with fewer SOC staff
  • There is an urgent need to keep premises secure with minimal staff and to fully leverage the real time potential of a widely distributed surveillance network.

This is not a forum for me to give you ‘the sales pitch’.  I am letting you know that if your clients are talking to you about these sorts of issues, I would encourage you to reach out to your local iCetana representative, and ask how our solution might be able to help.

The other common request I am seeing is whether we can help with a rapid small scale deployment so that security personnel are not tied to their desk in the control room, but are able to be ‘in the field’ protecting client assets. 

We are working on a 50 and 100 camera deployment (‘out of the box’) so if this is interesting to you please reach out to one of the team. You may be surprised to know that an iCetana deployment can be in the field and operational inside 4-5 weeks (provided you have a helpful procurement department!)

We have a great team, and they are available to work with you and your clients to help provide a strong component towards responding to the new threat landscape. 

APAC- Tarique

US- Courtney

Middle East- Mudassar 

A final thought

Although we are all coming to grips with a new environment, commerce has not stopped, and if anything the need to have existing camera networks ‘contribute more’ has never been greater.

At Icetana, we are working hard with our existing clients to make sure we are there to help them manage the new threat landscape and our sales team are focussed on helping our partner community deliver great solutions to their clients. If there is anything we can be doing to help you we stand ready and able to deliver.


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