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Evolving threat and risk landscape

Threat and Risk landscapes are changing and evolving faster than ever. This means that threats are presenting themselves in new forms, This increases risk to staff, customers and the public. Consequently, it’s not possible to predict what threats and risks are going to present themselves each day.


In response to this changing landscape, the use of video camera systems is increasing.

Hundreds of cameras are feeding dozens of monitors. Control room operators need to identify events when not all the camera views are visible. Also, operators must attend to other tasks at the same time within an active, dynamic control room.

The results are that threats and risks are being missed and potentially escalating into incidents. This increases security, safety, and operational risks, affecting people, property, and brand.  Costly surveillance networks are not being fully utilised and are used mainly for post threat and risk review. To put it another way, it is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Dynamic live monitoring

iCetana equips modern surveillance systems to deal with the threats of our times and the risks faced by highly populated areas from threats unseen and unnoticed.  iCetana provides the essential capability to immediately highlight these risks and threats.

iCetana helps turn these vast security systems into dynamic, live, monitoring systems. As a result, guards, operators and security companies become a key part of a command and control operation and a real-time response network. Therefore, they can immediately respond to security, safety and operational events before they escalate.

These events include:

  • Suspicious behaviour
  • Crime, assaults, and fighting
  • Access control for people and vehicles
  • Loitering and trespassing, including no-go zones
  • Irregular vehicle movements
  • Crowd gatherings and dispersal
  • Precursor events such as dry runs, casing buildings and public spaces

In conclusion, iCetana’s system has proven itself around the world in city wide surveillance, public infrastructure, transport, utilities, educational campuses and shopping malls.

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