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Introduction to artificial intelligence (AI)

We are now seeing a revolution in artificial intelligence. AI gives computers human-like performance in a specific area. The benefit is that a computer can process huge amounts of data. Also, a computer doesn’t get bored or tired and can work around the clock. For example, AI might find patterns in what people buy from…

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iCetana Partners – Japan

Artificial intelligence and security planning

Tarique Weerasekera (APAC Business Development Executive) recently represented iCetana at the Startupbootcamp in Osaka. iCetana was one of 3000+ startups that were shortlisted to 21 to attend a week in Osaka. After competing with 21 Startups from 9 countries, iCetana was chosen by Hankyu Hanshin Holding Group (USD$7B Co.) along with Sakura Internet to form…

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Case Study – Video surveillance in prisons

AI Assisted video surveillance in prisons

iCetana recently completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a minimum security Prison. For the purpose of this PoC, we installed iCetana on 32 cameras. The PoC ran for a total of 6 weeks. The first 14 days was used to learn the normal events and activities on these cameras within the prison. This established…

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