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icetana deployed at Ivanhoe Grammar School

ivanhoe grammar school

Home to over 2,000 enrolled students, Ivanhoe Grammar School is leading the way in school safety and security with hundreds of active cameras installed across 3 campuses. The rollout of icetana has enabled Ivanhoe Grammar School to take a preventive and real-time approach to safeguarding students and staff as well as the campus grounds from…

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Top 4 Ways icetana is Redefining Guarding Services – Part 4

icetana improves monitoring performance

In Part 3, the way our guarding services clients reduced their in-field guards by an average of 1 guard per 100 surveillance cameras added to icetana was covered. The final part of our series will talk about how icetana can improve guarding monitoring performance through the use of a black-screen reporting system. 4. Improved Monitoring…

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Top 4 Ways icetana is Redefining Guarding Services – Part 3

icetana security camera

In yesterday’s article, I described how icetana can increase response speed by processing and providing footage to operators in real-time, unlike other video analytics companies. In Part 3, I will explain how icetana has helped our guarding services customers reduce on site risk during the pandemic. 3. Reduced on Site Risk Implementing social distancing rules…

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