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Canadian university draws on WA security tech through lockdown

Perth-based video analytics company icetana Limited (ASX:ICE) is helping Canada’s Mount Royal University keep tabs on campus security throughout the COVID-19 shutdown. The company’s unique technology, which uses self-learning artificial intelligence, monitors camera security systems and alerts staff about motion anomalies. For Mount Royal University’s Calgary campus, the system monitors more than 200 cameras and…

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icetana Brand Re-design

Look out for our brand redesign coming soon…. You may notice some changes to our logo and branding in the near future. That’s because we’ve been working on a more contemporary look to reflect the company’s shift from the development phase to business growth. Changes will be subtle to maintain recognisable links to the current…

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Team transitions smoothly to working from home

With many of icetana’s team members required to undertake frequent travel, management decided to implement work from home arrangements early on in the COVID-19 crisis.  We moved swiftly and early to implement our work from home policy, and have been operating this way for more than three weeks now. “The transition was seamless given most…

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