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Career Opportunity - Software Engineer

Calling all Software Engineers in Perth, Western Australia! icetana is growing and we need more A-player Software Engineers to join the team.

About icetana

Although we are ASX listed and have customers around the globe, icetana feels like a startup, with a greenfields team and an ambitious goal of 1 million cameras under license. We’re world leaders in building software for real-time anomaly detection in video streams but have just embarked on a journey to build an entirely new product from the ground up, and we’re looking for motivated Software Engineers to join us on this quest.

We are customer focussed (our customers are heroes), we speak the truth (no BS, high trust team) and we are having fun (we are averaging about 4 belly laughs per day)

If you are looking to sit in a dark room and build small parts of a larger machine, this job isn’t for you - we need Software Engineers who care enough to influence the bigger picture. If you want to play a significant role in shaping icetana’s future, read on.

About The Role

We're looking for Software Engineers with a few years experience and a real passion for their craft. Being part of a small team there will be plenty of technical challenges to overcome, we value individuals that can problem-solve with initiative and drive, and be humble in doing so. As development has only just begun, there is opportunity to make a significant contribution to a new product that will be used globally.

In terms of our tech stack, on the heavy-lifting backend we’re leveraging DeepStream, an NVIDIA-developed framework that extends GStreamer (C++), that allows us to process many video streams in real-time. We use Kafka as a messaging bus and MongoDB for large binary data (encoded video data, data for machine learning). We use Python for everything machine learning, with a preference for TensorFlow/Keras.

Customer interaction with the product is entirely browser-based. On the frontend, we use Angular for the UI and Nginx as a web server, and a combination of Django and PostgreSQL for the back-of-the-front. Each service or component is a Docker container, so we currently use Docker Compose (but are open to alternative approaches to containerisation). And as embryonic as we currently may be in terms of automation, we’re about to go hard on this front, so experience in this area is desirable (e.g GitHub Actions, Amazon ECR, Terraform).

About You

Our ambition scales way beyond real-time anomaly detection on video streams, so we want equally ambitious Software Engineers to join us on our path to realisation. You must have worked in collaborative technical teams before and be comfortable learning independently.

You'll be able to demonstrate coding best practices (writing clean, well structured code, with automated tests and good source control management). Obviously it would be rare for any individual to have experience with all of the aforementioned technologies, so demonstrated experience with some, combined with the technical aptitude to pick up concepts quickly is all that is really required!

If you've got experience with, or an interest, in the following, we'd love to hear from you:

  • NVIDIA’s DeepStream - read no further, contact us NOW!
  • GStreamer development, or software that processes streaming (video) data in real-time.
  • Machine learning on image or video data, or a background in computer vision.
  • Development with GObject and GLib.
  • Creating beautiful and interactive UIs that are heavy on video and visualisation.
  • Containerisation and delivery of software upgrades to a variety of client setups, ranging from cloud-based to dark sites.
  • Full-stack development from UI (Angular) through to computationally intensive (C++).
  • Automating build and deployment, to both cloud and self-hosted infrastructure.

Apply here via LinkedIn