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Canadian media coverage – iCetana at Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University’s advanced iCetana powered security setup has been featured on Canadian television news.

Mount Royal University is using iCetana to improve the security of students and staff on campus as well as protecting individual privacy. Canadian system integrator Delco Security, Inc implemented a new security solution which includes iCetana and Genetec software and Axis cameras.

Please click on the links below to see the segments:

CBC News (15 May 2019)

CTV News (15 May 2019)

There was also newspaper coverage on the front page of the Calgary Herald.

Privacy is important to Mount Royal University. iCetana software is a clear choice due to its algorithm not relying on the person’s image. iCetana does not consider gender, race, clothing or other irrelevant factors when deciding whether to show the image to the security operator. Instead, iCetana looks at the motion patterns of objects and people and identifies whether these are unusual for the time and place. The security operator makes the final assessment of the situation. If appropriate, a security guard can be dispatched.


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