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Improving Safety and Security in the Health Sector

Click the icon below to download the White Paper – Improving Safety and Security in the Health Sector  

Making a business case for video analytics

Before investing in video analytics solutions like iCetana, the first question is how the spend can be justified. Usually someone...

How to use AI for automating video surveillance

Introduction to AI We're now seeing a revolution in AI (artificial intelligence). AI gives computers human-like performance in a specific...

iCetana researchers recognised at ICIP conference

Two members of our research team (Lei Wang, Machine Learning / Computer Vision Researcher and Moussa Reda Mansour, iCetana alumnus),...

See iCetana at ESS2019, Birmingham, UK

iCetana will be at the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham in the UK from 18 - 19 September 2019. (more…)

Building a business case for iCetana

  Click the icon below to download the White Paper - Building a Business Case  

Getting value out of video analytics

Many organisations use video analytics solutions like iCetana to improve their operations. Read on to find out how leading organisations...

Canadian media coverage – iCetana at Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University's advanced iCetana powered security setup has been featured on Canadian television news. (more…)

Mount Royal University first anywhere in Canada to adopt iCetana black screen, artificial intelligence security monitoring

(Calgary) —Mount Royal University’s network of security cameras has been replaced with high-resolution cameras integrated with artificial intelligence technology that...

The business case for iCetana

Even though iCetana is cutting edge software, based on university research, clients buy iCetana because it has a strong business...