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See iCetana at ISC West 2019

iCetana will be attending ISC West 2019. (more…)

Applications for iCetana

iCetana's patented technology finds unusual events in camera feeds. This software isn't restricted to one camera feed. In fact, it...

How to unlock the value in large-scale surveillance systems

As Head of Security, you may have been in a situation where your company’s board members and chief executives raise...

Three critical steps to protect an organisation’s safety reputation

We find a huge influx of people in commercial hubs and retail districts, transport centres, and education campuses. On top...

Analysis: The shift of the security industry to real-time action

In some ways, the more traditional model of site security has become a victim of its own success. In this...

The hidden cost of overlooking security incidents

With all the recent media interest in online security breaches, you might think that these are virtually the only types...

If AI is here, it should do the right thing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most fascinating aspects of sci-fi movies. Many times, AI has been represented as...

Can we trust AI?

AI is becoming increasingly powerful, and capable. It is now being used to perform tasks that were only entrusted to...

AI assisted video monitoring: What it is, how it’s different, and what it brings to the table

Large retail stores. Shopping malls. College campuses. Transportation hubs. These are all dynamic environments with hundreds of people walking among...

Financial institutions

How financial institutions can benefit from iCetana. (more…)