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Applications for iCetana

iCetana’s patented technology finds unusual events in camera feeds. This software isn’t restricted to one camera feed. In fact, it works with hundreds or thousands of cameras.

How does iCetana work? How can your organisation benefit from iCetana? Read on to find out more.

How does iCetana work?

iCetana is powered by a patented video anomaly detection algorithm. This algorithm movement between each video frame. iCetana learns what is normal movement for each camera view. This means that it can identify abnormal movements. iCetana identifies anomalies in hard real time.

iCetana highlights unusual scenes to the operator on the LiveWall. The LiveWall only shows a small percentage of the total video feeds. Therefore, an operator can easily identify feeds that need further investigation. As a result, iCetana puts the operator back in control and no longer overwhelmed by hundreds of camera feeds.

With a normal monitoring setup, the screens cycle through the camera feeds. The amount of visual data overwhelms camera operators, causing fatigue. Seeing an important event as it happens becomes like finding a needle in a haystack. This means that attention fades in a fairly short time. As a result, it is easy to miss a critical event. Even only after a few minutes, operators start missing events. Operators end up only using video for a historical record.

An unusual scene may not require action. Sometimes unusual movements will be before an actionable event. For example, iCetana may identify an unusual movement from someone preparing for a crime, such as the criminal casing the scene. This is before the crime occurs.

Application areas


It can be difficult to keep a large site secure. There may be thousands of human interactions per day.

Some sites have large numbers of cameras. These cameras monitor both public spaces and restricted areas. Most iCetana users apply the software to help their security team. iCetana frees up busy security operators to attend to other tasks.

Typical uses are in shopping malls, public spaces, university campuses, warehouses, military installations and prisons. iCetana can monitor busy public spaces as well as restricted zones. It operates both indoors and outdoors.

For example, in a shopping centre, iCetana will identify fights and disturbances, and even people going the wrong way up an escalator. It will detect loitering and graffiti in a public space. In a warehouse, it will detect thefts and perimeter breaches.

In a prison, iCetana will identify when contraband is thrown over the perimeter fence. It will pick up unusual gatherings, such as prisons gathering around to fight.


Manufacturing relies on following consistent processes for quality. Products can be spoiled by unexpected deviations. This leads to wastage and customer complaints, and shipping delays.

A large aerospace manufacturing facility has deployed iCetana. It helps monitor the assembly of components. It highlights exceptions before they become critical failures.

iCetana learns the normal consistent processes in the factory. When there is an abnormal movement, this may be a process deviation. Process managers can investigate further and intervene if necessary. Typically intervention is not real time. It is based on a review of events tagged by iCetana.

Occupational health and safety

Process failures can affect more than product quality. Human life and safety may also be in danger when workers don’t follow safety standards. Failure to follow standards generally results in unusual movements, such as from incorrect manual handling. iCetana tags this video and highlights it on the LiveWall.

iCetana can identify potentially dangerous situations such as employee bullying or incorrect movement of heavy objects.

Out of control car movements also cause safety issues. iCetana can identify vehicles moving at abnormal speeds (too fast or slow) or moving in the wrong direction. In one example, iCetana detected a vehicle being driven across a lawn. In another case, it highlighted an SUV driven over a traffic island.

Other uses

Our customers are evaluating iCetana for some other uses such as:

  • Monitoring of animal behaviour in a zoo
  • Management of laboratory mice
  • Improving workflow in a large distribution centre

Do you have an interesting potential use of iCetana? Please contact us if you want to discuss your use case.


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